Further conspicuous design prizes:


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Students' PrizeFashion PrizeFashion Garment PrizeYachts and Sailors Prize
Ready-Made PrizeCosmetic Products PrizeTextile PrizeAsian Prize
Successful PrizeWorldwide Awards PrizeBest of Best PrizeThe One and Only Prize
Advanced PrizeConference PrizeManufacturers PrizePrime Prize
Rewarding PrizeTalents PrizeCollege of Design PrizeAbsolute Prize
Indicator of Good Design PrizeAwards' PrizeFestivals PrizeTop Design Prize
Sports Equipment PrizeDesign, Arts and Architecture PrizeCorporate Plans PrizeResidential Housing Prize
Workshop and Warehouse PrizeArchitecture Projects PrizeEntertainment Products PrizeShortlisted Prize
Tradefair PrizeTransparent Goods PrizeWhite Goods PrizeProsumer Tools Prize
Mathematics and Nature PrizeEngineering PrizeInstitute PrizeGraphic Advertisements Prize
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